Cleaning leather in cars

1. Leather cleaning products – There are several different types of leather cleaner/protectants that are available. All of these cleaners should have a high pH level (the alkaline side) and some type of detergent to break down the grease. If you use the wrong cleaner they could actually leave streaks and marks permanently on the surface of your leather.

2. Waxing – Waxing is not just used to protect and beautify leather, it’s also used to clean. Generally speaking, waxes are not used alone, rather they’re applied over a base coat before applying a topcoat. The base coat helps keep the wax from picking up any dirt in the first place. Once the base coat is dry, then you apply your wax. Then once the wax is completely dry you put on your topcoat. The base and top coats help seal the leather and make it easier to maintain.

3. Shoe Polish – A shoe polish is great for keeping your shoes looking nice and shiny. But if you want to deep clean them you need to use something stronger than a standard polish. You want to get a product specifically formulated for leather. These polishes generally consist of solvents and chemicals in order to really work their magic. After using this product you will notice how much brighter your shoes look! Also, do not get the same polish that you use for your car. That stuff is super strong and will damage your shoes.

4. Conditioner – Conditioners are basically used to soften leather. Before applying a conditioner always test out your leather to make sure that it won’t cause any discoloration. You don’t want to ruin your leather boots or jackets.

5. Scotch Guard – If you’re going to wear leather often, then you might as well take care of it right? Scotch guard helps prevent water, mud, dirt, and even snow from getting inside your shoes. While the smell of scotch guard isn’t the best, it’ll definitely keep your shoes looking amazing!

6. Carpet Cleaner – Many people think that carpet cleaners are only meant to be used for removing stains. However, they are also great for cleaning and maintaining your carpets.

7. Floor Cleaner – Another thing that many people don’t know about floor cleaners is that they can actually be used to clean leather surfaces. In fact, they’re considered to be the perfect solution to cleaning leather floors.

8. Glue Stains – Glue stains seem like they would be simple to remove, however it’s almost impossible to get rid of glue stains without damaging your leather.

9. Paint Stripper – If you’re trying to remove paint from your leather jacket, then you’ll want to use a paint stripper. Most paints have a solvent base that dissolves the plastic material and holds onto the color pigments. So once you’ve removed the protective layer, you’ll just have paint stuck to your leather.

10. Dye Remover – Like paint removers, dye removers also dissolve the plastic layer of certain colors. Once again, the plastic holds onto the dye and doesn’t allow it to transfer back to the leather. As long as you keep the area around your stain free from moisture, the dye should easily wash off.

11. Scuff Mark Remover – Scuff marks are those little scratches that occur naturally on the surface of leather items. Over time, they can start to become quite noticeable. To fix these marks, you’ll need to use a scuff mark remover. These solutions are pretty similar to waxes, except they’re much stronger.

12. Wood Stain Remover – If you’ve ever stained wood furniture and tried to clean it yourself, then you know that it’s extremely difficult. Luckily, there are special products designed for cleaning wood stains.

13. Glass Cleaner – Do you ever have trouble cleaning glass items such as windows, mirrors, and kitchenware? Well, you shouldn’t! One of the easiest ways is to use glass cleaner.

14. Tile & Concrete Cleaner – When it comes to cleaning tile, concrete, or other hard surfaces, regular soap just won’t cut it. Instead, you’ll want a specialized cleaner that contains chemical additives that target specific grime.

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