Car detailing tips

1. Waxing Tips
Use your wax to clean the underside of the car before you start working on it. If you wax the inside first, then you might find yourself having to wax underneath again later. You should always use a dedicated car cleaning bucket for waxing purposes. Never pour wax directly onto the floor; if you do, you’ll have a mess on your hands.
2. Cleaning Your Tools Before Waxing
Before starting work, make sure you clean your tools and equipment thoroughly. This includes your power washer, paint scraper, brushes, wheel cleaner, rag, and even your gloves. Make sure everything is completely dry before putting them away. Do not store any equipment near hot surfaces, since they can cause damage to delicate parts.
3. Using A Clean Bucket For Waxing
You need a good quality bucket for waxing. Rubber buckets are ideal for waxing, since they won’t scratch the car. Plastic buckets are less expensive and easier to wash than rubber ones, but are not recommended for waxing. Use a water-resistant lid for storing the wax mixture.
4. How To Apply Car Wax
Apply car wax using a cloth or paper towel only. Be careful not to get any wax on your skin, especially around your eyes, mouth, and ears. Once applied, let the wax sit for at least 5 minutes. Then wipe off excess wax using a clean piece of cloth or paper towel.
5. Waxing Tips
Let the car cool down after applying the car wax. Try to avoid waxing right after driving, as well as while the sun is shining directly overhead. Avoid waxing your car anytime between November and January.
6. Car Detailing Tips
The best way to remove stubborn dirt is to use a toothbrush. Use the bristles side of the brush, or a wire brush for really hard stains. Don’t use a wire brush on painted surfaces, though.
7. Waxing TIP 2
Wax the car again once it has cooled down. This time, apply just enough wax to cover the entire surface. Let the wax set overnight, and then reapply it the next morning.

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