Car wash tips

There are a few car wash tips that you should know before you get your car washed. 1. Check for coupons and discounts for the car wash. You can save money by looking for coupons or discounts in the newspaper, on the internet, or at the car wash. 2. Find out if they use a… Continue reading Car wash tips

Car detailing tips

1. Waxing Tips Use your wax to clean the underside of the car before you start working on it. If you wax the inside first, then you might find yourself having to wax underneath again later. You should always use a dedicated car cleaning bucket for waxing purposes. Never pour wax directly onto the floor;… Continue reading Car detailing tips

Cleaning leather in cars

1. Leather cleaning products – There are several different types of leather cleaner/protectants that are available. All of these cleaners should have a high pH level (the alkaline side) and some type of detergent to break down the grease. If you use the wrong cleaner they could actually leave streaks and marks permanently on the… Continue reading Cleaning leather in cars

How to choose a car

1. Your first choice should be based off of what type of driving style you want. If you are going to be doing some serious long-distance drives you might need something that’s able to hold up to the rigors of long distance. If you will only be commuting around town then less power but still… Continue reading How to choose a car

Owning a car means…

Owning a car means taking care that it is in good working order. If you don’t pay attention to it, you may find that you have a faulty car that doesn’t run perfectly. One thing to remember when it comes to your car is that how well it serves you depends on how you take… Continue reading Owning a car means…